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July 2017

It is 2037 and ‘Ego et Al’ organisation has been formed to manage the public’s online and reflective images of self. Congratulations! You have been selected to become the organisations new client facing representatives. Jan, your trainer awaits to guide you through your initial training induction.

So, welcome to the network; let the games begin!

Ego et Al is a one woman immersive and interactive theatre show, questioning the relationship we have with our reflected image and how the ever-growing gap between our online identity and our real-life counterpart, is affecting our sense of self.

Created by Ali Anderson-Dyer & Roanna Davidson

Photography by Eilidh Kennedy and 

Chris Scott

"Roanna Davidson’s Ego Et Al, by contrast, is a hugely vivid solo performance and game show..."

*** Scotsman review

"Futuristic training course fun..."

*** Wee Review

Ego et Al (Hidden Door Festival): News
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