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January 2018

Married, mortgaged and model parents, Stevie and Aoife's once recognizable world is now awash with guilt, pain and regret. As the gulf between them widens, reaching out to each other and bridging the chasm seems harder than simply slipping into the abyss.

Freckle is a thought-provoking new play exploring one couple's attempt to overcome a fatal mistake and its devastating repercussions. It poses the terrifying question: is there a limit to love?

Freckle was part of Bunbanter's A Play, A Poet & A Pastry series of evenings premiering a new play, poetry responding to that play and pastry to munch alongside. Inspired by Òran Mór's A Play, A Pie and A Pint. 

Written by Giles Conisbee

Poetry by JoAnne McKay


Belle Jones

Timothy Barrow

Pastries specially supplied by Marchbank Bakery.

Photography by Peter Dibdin

Freckle by Giles Conisbee (A Play, A Poet & A Pastry Series): News
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