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June 2013

‘The Echo Effect’ by Paul Charlton was part of the first TimeWave Festival. The production took place at the Innovation Warehouse in London and streamed live in New York, Los Angeles and Madrid. 


David Rysdahl

Grahame Edwards

TimeWave is  international festival that fuses technology and theatre to explore the theme of ‘Transformation’ in the 21st Century. The festival is produced by LoNyLa, a global artists network fueled by graduates of Yale University, in partnership with Innovation Warehouse, a leading British accelerator for digital startups, and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City.

Timewave aims to bring audiences together to experience a performance that is simultaneously theatrical, cinematic, and Internet-driven, and where audiences can contribute via social media and telepresence.

Current technology integrates HD video, audio and interactive tools, which results in a powerfully immersive experience. By combining technology and production design, local and remote artists and audiences feel as if they are existing in the same time and space.

‘The Echo Effect’ by Paul Charlton (TimeWave/LONYLA): News
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