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August 2019

WORDS LIVE is a sharing of Bunbury Banter Theatre Company's collection of gratitudes, an archive of thank you letters, read aloud for the first time.

Experience a magical performance where we breathe life into the words of the famous and the unknown, the local and the far, the past and present. Some are penned by names you know, others by people who walked the streets of Dumfries hundreds of years go. Some might be written by people the room, other may even be written by you.

These letters all share one thing in common. Two important little words - thank you.

Written by Andy Edwards & Ali Anderson-Dyer


Sally Reid 

Andy Edwards

Photograpy by Kristoff Henderson

"Calling out for thank yous"

Article in Dumfries & Galloway Standard

Words Live (The Stove & The Catstrand): Press Coverage
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